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Common misconceptions about skincare

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Hey lovelies,

Lets debunk these commonly held false ideas regarding your skin and get you the right information! 

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The hotter the water, the better it is to open your pores

 Listen loves, you don’t need to burn your face with steaming hot water to “open” up your pores and get them ready for absorption or clear away dirt & oil.
I used to be very guilty of this.
There’s this idea out there that the hotter the water the better it is to “open” up your pores.
Using steaming hot water to wash your face cannot only damage your skin, but it can cause dryness by stripping away it’s natural barrier, causing dehydration.
All you need is some steam or lukewarm water on the face to loosen up the sebum (oil & dirt secretion from the sebaceous glands) that builds inside the pores and you’re good to go to start cleansing! 

Rinsing with cold water will close your pores


Rinsing your face with cold water “closes” your pores.
The way people use the phrase “open & close” is not literal. Your pores don’t just magically open and close like some front door.
However, the cold water will make your blood vessels constrict, causing your skin to tighten, thus making your pores “appear smaller.”

If it burns or stings, that means it's working

 How many times have we heard this common phrase, “if it’s burning or stinging, then the product is working.” . .
Whether with skincare or haircare, this common misconception, can do some real damage if believed. ‼️
Here’s the truth:
- Yes, with certain products we may feel a light sensation or a little tingle...especially when there are certain ingredients that naturally create that sensation like fresh aloe, mint, or tea tree...those are the good feels👌🏾
But stinging and burning IS NOT.
Dump this believe immediately.
Stinging and burning, especially on your face could mean allergic reactions, indicate that you have sensitive skin, or damage your most outer layer of skin, which can result in scarring and drying.
If something is stinging or burning on your face, grab a cool rag and remove it immediately !
I say this with Love 

You can erase your wrinkles with anti-aging creams

 I’m so so sorry to break the news. I know, it comes as a shock. I’ll give you all time to mourn this skin myth...😢

Okay, Ready for the truth?
Here it goes...
Unless you’re getting Botox, or some other anti-aging procedure, wrinkle creams do not just magically make your wrinkles go away. (I know it hurts, my heart broke too upon my research)
If consistent use, it CAN temporarily plump the skin & improve your appearance. 🤔

- Wrinkle & anti-aging creams often are moisturizers, but they have active ingredients with certain benefits that deem them as “anti-aging”. Some of these ingredients include (peptides, vitamin C + E, Retinoids, Tea tree, Coenzymes, & hydroxy acids). 👌🏾
- These added ingredients are intended to improve skin tone, texture, fine lines & wrinkles. However, Its effectiveness often depends on your skin type and the active ingredient you’re using. But they do help to “DECREASE the APPEARANCE” of wrinkles & fine lines if used consistently. 🤗
- The Journal of Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatology published a study in 2017 with 200 patients that concluded anti-aging products may reduce the appearance of fine lines & increase hydration in the skin that can last up to 56 days.