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1. Sleeping with your make-up on

 Okay, so we’ve all done it. .
You slay your face to the Gods, go out for a night of fun & mischief, come back home, look at your bed, look in the mirror, then look at your bed again and say “screw it, I’ll take it off it in the morning” 😩 ❌Don’t do it! .
Take that 5 minutes and cleanse your face. Sleeping with your make-up can reaaally clog our pores. When pores are clogged and full of dirt and bacteria (with added in artificial ingredients from your make-up) it can cause some serious acne, collagen degradation, and premature aging. 👌🏾
Better wash that face ! 

2. Popping your pimples

Sorry ladies & gents, but popping pimples is a NO NO.
Pimples hold debris, dirt, oil, & bacteria, and unfortunately, (Unless it’s done correctly) all it causes is quick relief with long term effects...(scarring, dark marks, blackheads, etc)
- by popping our pimples, you’re forcing the debris & bacteria even deeper into your skin, it causes swelling and redness, AND can create even more acne by left over pus spattering on to your skin! Ew

3. Over Exfoliation

  Exfoliation is a crucial part to our skincare routine. When we exfoliate, we are removing our dead skin cells, unclogging our pores, evening our skin tone, boosting our circulation, reducing acne & improving our skin texture. Yay🤗
Most people are over doing this. We should not be exfoliating our skin more than 2-3x a week (for most people)
Here’s why: - Our skin, is our largest organ and most protective. When we over- exfoliate (scrubbing our face nearly to the bone in hopes of that clear Kim-K glow) we are disrupting our skins natural ph balance and sloughing off healthy skin cells which can increase our risk of scarring & acne. BE GENTLE (especially if your exfoliator is on the harsher side)

Signs You’re Over-Exfoliating
- Excessive dryness
- Redness
- Irritation
- Skin sensitivity - Inflamed Skin - Patchy or Rash like
- Easily breaking out •